Thursday, 18 December 2014

Back to the future

Having given up presenting on radio earlier this year due to a severe lack of time, I have been tempted back: I started a new show last Sunday on Susy Radio. Please do have a listen this coming Sunday between 12-2pm GMT when I'll be interviewing a Cannes Film Festival winner....

It's good to be back.

Photo copyright Chris Jenkins

That's me and my dinner companions last Saturday night, stealing crafty fags outside in minus 2 degrees! Brrrrr...hence the rugs and scarves.  And I don't even smoke! It was a hell of a dinner party....Two ducks were involved- roast duck, that is.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Something to warm my bones

Our British weather is pretty unique and at the moment we are enduring misty rain coupled with freezing temperatures. The sun will also be pretty scarce until April or May. The combination of damp plus cold means that one's bones generally feel frozen. Today I desperately needed something to warm me up on both the cellular and orthopedic level (OK, I admit there was an element of suffering from a mild case of hungoveritis as well). I found the cure lurking in the fridge as always: a soup made from last night's roast duck carcass and a good handful of pearl barley. I truly feel restored....

Photo copyright SvD.

Are you moved yet?

Great art moves the viewer. That's it. No fancy words, no descriptions where the artist needs to explain what they are trying to say. Great art leaps out of the canvas and bites the viewer hard in the right spot- why? Because it speaks to the soul. No words, no fancy descriptions, just a visceral 'ooompf!'.

Here's one of those moments:

"Passion", Acrylic on canvas, copyright Jon Prothero

Jon Prothero has got this so right.

To browse Jon's work which is exclusive to Art Souffle and is not available anywhere else and to order in time for Christmas, please click here:

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Gill's latest painting

Gill's latest painting, Promise of Spring, 80x80cms, oil on canvas. To order in time for Christmas, please visit our website: Art Souffle

Copyright Gill Bustamante

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Welsh artist, Jon Prothero, joins Art Soufflé

I am delighted to announce that Jon Prothero has entered into an exclusive collaboration with Art Soufflé. Jon's emotive and unusual work is avidly collected worldwide. Please visit the Art Soufflé website for prices and contact details: Jon Prothero at Art Souffle

Copyright Jon Prothero.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

My latest article on The Huffington Post

06th December 2014

Right angles in nature? Photo copyright SvD.

Pierre Chalory exhibition

A great day but a tiring one! Many thanks to Forest Row as always- a vibrant and beautiful part of the British art scene!

Pierre today at his exhibition. Photo copyright SvD.

And yours truly:

 Photo copyright SvD.