Thursday, 9 May 2013

God spoke to me this morning

A matter has been weighing heavily on my mind for more than a year. This morning as I was walking the hound in the woods I understood straight away that indeed Arnold Harnanan had been coerced into changing his will in 2005. I also understood that the perpetrators were three in number. I cannot explain it any other way except to say that Arnold was speaking to me as I continued walking along. I stopped suddenly to take in the enormity of what I had realised finally. At that precise moment I looked down and there at my feet was a clump of forget-me-nots in full bloom. Arnold had not wanted me to forget him. Ever.

I picked a bunch of the forget-me-nots and continued walking. As I approached my house,  I experienced a vivid jolt in my consciousness. A voice spoke to me: the dead are gone, it is the living that matter.

I walked to my neighbour's house and knocked on the door. I handed the flowers to Pam as she greeted me. "These are for you," I said. Pam took the flowers graciously and thanked me. We chatted for a few moments and then I went home.

As I opened my front door, I smiled. What had happened to Arnold is the most awful experience of my life and I frequently have gone to bed weeping over it. But Arnold is dead. I will always remember him. The living are still part of this life.  I choose to honour God and Arnold in how I live my life from now on. And as Arnold wanted I will never forget.

I will be discussing this saga next on my radio show, Your Happy Memories. The show on Sunday is called  Broken Hearts/Broken Families. Do tune in. Your Happy Memories

The story so far:

Rikki Harnanan lives in Trinidad and is married to local Attorney-at-Law, Gayatri Badri Maharaj.

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