Thursday, 17 October 2013

Things I saw in the woods today, part 49

An edible chestnut emerges from its spiky enclosure. Our chestnuts are a fraction of the size of the same species in France- reason being that our climate is colder and wetter.

Photo copyright SvD.

The poison ivy flowers late in the year- in Autumn to be exact.  I use the flowers in my Christmas wreaths. These flowers are just beginning to open now.
Photo copyright SvD.

And here are some minute yellow mushrooms growing on a rotting log. These mushrooms appear every year on the same log so the spores manage to survive. This is my third year observing this log and these mushrooms. The mushrooms are very small- no bigger than the tip of a pencil. I have magnified the size with my camera. There wouldn't be enough to feed a mouse but of course, these are deadly poisonous so please do not try and eat them!

Photo copyright SvD.

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