Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The best Christmas gift

Wherever you are in the world this Christmas - and readers of this blog seem to be in every corner of the earth (for which I thank you) - please permit me to wish you a peaceful, happy and loving time with your family and friends. If you are alone, please do not despair.

Christmas is not about presents, promises and wishes which must come true. Over two thousand years ago, a child was born who quite literally would go on to change the world and the course of history. That child was the Christ. He was a man and a God. He sacrificed his life for us and even knew he would be betrayed by one whom he trusted.

The story of Jesus Christ is the story of us. We have all encountered deception, despair and betrayal in our lives. Yet please remember this Christmas that however little we have, even if it barely anything, we are more fortunate than many. And no matter who has done what to you, please do not ever lose faith in yourself - practice being strong and worthy. Those are the best gifts any of us could want this Christmas.

With love to you all,


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