Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Vulgarity, the new Chic

I was gobsmacked this week to see D-list celebrity Chrissy Teigen flashing her vulva at the American Music Awards. In need of a Thesaurus, Mr Teigen subsequently apologised for showing her 'hooha'. I wouldn't normally write about such a thing but I am guessing that after this depraved-yet-utterly-normal incident, one can look forward to the Legend-Teigen sex tape to rival that of her good friend Kim K, that other example of an utterly illiterate shrew keen to show every part of her adjusted flesh.

I went on Twitter to send Ms Teigen a tweet bringing to her attention that not all of us were impressed by her vulgarity. She never replied. Here's the other thing I've noticed. People like Ms T and Ms K are bullies- they have sussed out who they can troll and put down on social media and know all too well who to give a wide berth. If these 'women' for want of a better word, didn't have social media, I suspect they would be in therapy boring some psychiatrist rigid with their narcissistic personality disorder, i.e. their footloose and fancy-free vaginas.

Most notable of all, these women are illiterate. They overuse the word 'fuck' because a whole long list of adjectives could not possibly be retained in their smaller-than-a-vulva-sized brains. Proust, Shakespeare, Walt Whitman, Leonard Cohen must all be turning in their graves to see how illiterate, ignorant and plain dumb humanity has become. 'Look at my vulva, you fucking idiots!' has  replaced
'Flood-tide below me! I see you face to face!
Clouds of the west—sun there half an hour high—I see you also face to face. ' (Walt Whitman, Crossing Brooklyn Ferry).
American history, add to that, Western civilisation, are being re-written and modified to depths of inanity not seen since Neanderthals. The expectations of young women involve emulating these brain-dead but tits-aware ignoramuses. Soon the norm will be sex in broad daylight at rush hour on a train platform and God forbid if one objects.

The irony of these women is they purport to be feminists and representative of some noble ideal while declaring 'I should have the right to flash my vulva and who are you to object?' Pandering to this level of idiocy makes a mockery of the women who fought valiantly for the right to be heard.

So to Miss Teigen, Miss K and her most utterly revolting family, here's my two cents worth- age 52 and female- you are vile, unappealing, disgusting, disgraceful, vulgar in the extreme, debauched and incapable of rising from the gutter where you belong. Money and a loose fanny doesn't make you sophisticated, elegant, intelligent, well-read, feminine or an icon but just plain TRASH. Oh, and buy a Thesaurus.

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