Tuesday, 13 December 2016

A Christmas Story- if ever you're down, read this

This story was sent to me by my friend, Hardip Barot (in his own words):

'I remember 3 years back bought one homeless guy free beers(!) and a bottle of wine with some dessert to go with it. To my surprise he gave me a gift of an expensive tie with tears in his eyes and said if I don't accept it, it will break his heart. Man, it touched me. He was all alone and thanked me for expressing kindness. I truly cherish that Christmas. I still have that tie. I dont wear it because it seems he must have stolen it from somewhere but looking at it, it reminds me of a cold Christmas night in Shoreditch..with only him on the tears and for me, Christmas was truly celebrated that night!!!'

'Smoking Santa'. Photo copyright S. van Dalen. Absolutely no reproduction whatsoever without permission.

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