Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A promise is forever.

I recently signed this pledge with the founder of Kids Company, Camila Batmanghelidjh, because I admire her for the selfless work she does. Camila is an example to us all. I decided a long time ago that I would like to give something back. Hence the reason that I decided to pledge 25% of my book's royalties to Kids Company.

Please help me achieve this aim by purchasing a copy of my book, Maestro, (kindle version) on amazon. The price of the book is a very modest £1.96 ($3.18).


Here's what Camila says:

‘Kids Company is very short of money. The numbers of children seeking sanctuary with us has gone up and many of them are arriving at our street-level centres hungry and without anywhere to live. We currently have a waiting list of 500 children who need beds, we feed 2000 kids a week their main meal, and some 8000 severely traumatised children are receiving psycho-therapeutic help from our staff. So please, help us.
97% of children and young people who come to Kids Company self refer and therefore there is no local authority funding for them. In fact in the last 16 years Kids Company has had no money from local authorities for our social care and mental health work with vulnerable children, so we are entirely reliant on charitable donations and the good will of the public. The extraordinarily courageous and inspirational children and young people we work with remain profoundly grateful for the help they have received from complete strangers. Please buy as many copies of Maestro as you can and tell your friends about it. I cannot thank Samantha enough for her kind offer. With your help the money we will receive from Maestro could change the lives of disadvantaged children for many years to come plus provide KIDS COMPANY the security it needs to help kids.’

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