Thursday, 11 October 2012

Change is hard.

I had the budleia pruned back yesterday- a necessity at this time of year which is known as 'end of season'. New shoots will emerge in the Spring and the budleia will flourish once again.

The family of house sparrows which is accustomed to popping into the budleia every day for their feed of suet balls and a dip in the hanging birdbath were totally confused this morning. They looked at the cropped bush and although their feeder and birdbath were in exactly the same location on the same branches as before, they hesitated before revisiting their familiar haunts.

The blue tits did exactly the same thing. The only one who appeared nonplussed was the robin (if you have read this blog before you will recall that the robin is a determined and steely little fellow).

If I'm lucky, I'll see the reaction of the male blackbird who drops by every afternoon for a nap in the budleia. He perches on a branch deep within the bush and remains completely still for at least an hour. I assume he is sleeping.

Change is not always easy. It can be good and sometimes it is absolutely necessary.

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