Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A tasty pick-me-up

Mea culpa! I love meat. I used to be a vegetarian in my salad days (no pun intended) but there is only so much one can do with soya mince that is edible. I love to cook and eat- both acts are my meditation at the end of a working day- cooking and then eating at the dinner table with a lighted candle, the world shut out temporarily. Money is tight for all of us these days and if I am feeling a bit low in energy, here is my salvo: calf's liver, lambs' kidneys, bacon and spinach. All of these ingredients are relatively inexpensive. For those of you turning up your noses at this simple fare, I eat like a peasant and am proud of it. Consider this: my French adopted grandmother (I adopted her) survived the Second World War eating cats but mostly going hungry. The image of her young daughter pleading for something to eat and going slowly mad with hunger is an image that forever haunted her and which she took to her grave, aged 78. This meal of offal would have been like Christmas for them.

Photo copyright SvD.

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