Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Cheerful daffs

We've been having the most dreadful weather- Artic temperatures and a persistent winter that refuses to end. Sadly, many thousands of farm animals have perished- especially sad, the newborn lambs which at this time of year would normally be gambolling across the fields, warmed by the spring sun. Well, the sun has taken a holiday from the UK. Despite the extreme weather, I noticed the daffodils are valiantly fighting on- since the mini Ice Age began, the daffs have been repeatedly frozen overnight, thawed out in the day, refrozen and burnt by the frosts. However this morning I was warmed and charmed to see their sunny faces about to burst forth. I won't make a point about the philosophical meaning of all of this- suffice it to say that a splash of yellow from a smiling daff is just a heart-warming sight when your bones are frozen solid walking the hound in the early morning mists.

Photo copyright SvD. On the way to the woods this morning.

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