Monday, 22 April 2013

Things I saw in the woods today, part 4

As spring turns to summer, wild flowers appear in various colours: from pale white in early spring, to yellows to cornflower blues and lilacs, and by the end of the summer, to pinks and deep reds. By observing the colour of the different flowers I can tell how far advanced the seasons are. I often wonder about the blue and lilac flowers that occur naturally. Although the colour blue has been found in many ancient art forms, it was during the Renaissance that it revolutionised art. And since ancient times, blue has been made from crushed lapis lazuli mined in Afghanistan, a practice that is more than three thousand years old. Ironically it is a mineral from a now much-derided country that helped create many revered European masterpieces.

By the way, that first photo is of a hound, my own, and not of a flower.

Photos copyright SvD.

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