Thursday, 25 April 2013


The charming indigo-coloured flowers of the forget-me-not are sprinkled throughout the woods this morning. Between yesterday and today, the fairies and the elves came along and prised open the flowers. The forget-me-not is often planted around graves in the UK and the meaning is clearly very poignant- please do not forget me. I have seen forget-me-nots still thriving around graves that are hundreds of years old- the plant seems to flourish forever. And so too hopefully does the memory of the departed.

If you look closely at the photo there are many other wild plants growing near the forget-me-not: primrose, wild strawberry, dandelion, daisy, to name a few. The dandelion ("pis-en lit" in French, or "piss-in-bed" because it's a diuretic) and strawberry are edible of course.

Today I saw the first honey bee of the year- I think this has to do with the sun being out.

Photo copyright SvD.

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