Thursday, 22 August 2013

How to terrorise fleas

Look away now if you don't believe in harming small creatures.......

I've been bitten by a few things in my time, some human as well :)

There's a threshold for pain that is rather interesting demonstrated by varying decibels when screeching. I recently discovered the flea bite from those caramel-coloured little insects with a distinctive arched back. I was walking in the woods with the hound when suddenly I shrieked, yes, yelped loudly. A flea had attached itself onto my hand and was munching happily away - or rather sucking my blood. The hound looked alarmed and naturally trotted off. A nanosecond later the flea disembarked or to be truthful, was swotted to a pulp.

Some basic research on the net revealed all manner of chemical deterrents to ward off fleas as by then I was convinced the hound had become a host. Indeed a quick examination revealed ten happy-looking fleas all rather plump and hidden away in the hound's luxuriant fur.

I am pleased to say that the hound is flea-free a week later although he smells, well, somewhat continental. I juice raw garlic which I mix in with his food. The fleas have run screaming from the house and peace has been restored.

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Photo and painting (oil on canvas) copyright SvD.

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