Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Easy peasy supper

Food is all about flavour and texture. I'm a harassed, harried cook and very often I forget to cook as I become engrossed in whatever I am doing. A big batch of puy lentils, slow cooked with an onion studded with cloves, a bay leaf, two or three cloves of garlic and then drained, tossed in more garlic, crunchy fried lardons, olive oil, salt and pepper and stored in the fridge. I LOVE lentils which appeal to my peasant roots- cheap, hard working, easy to feed (that's me in a nutshell). But appearances can be deceiving- I dress these lowly lentils up by placing them on a base of polenta and topped with prawns sauteed in olive oil, loads of garlic and a slosh of white wine. A few chives and everyone goes "darling! How positively divine!"...

Photo copyright SvD.

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