Sunday, 3 August 2014

Art Soufflé The Meridian FM Art Festival

I've got all the artists on board and I'm just so grateful to have the energy to get this festival off the ground. Amazing how people want loads of money or a great mate, a fancy holiday or a nice house. I'm just happy with the strength to carry on doing something that I love! I hope you will support Art Soufflé and come and see the work of world renowned artists in a pretty unique setting- a vineyard! Here's a shot of the state of the art barn where the exhibition will be held. The barn measures a spectacular 150 x 50 feet and will be filled with some outstanding art for a whole ten days!

Art Soufflé looks set to be an annual event so please add it to you social calender!

Many thanks to the artists who are considered to be the finest in their profession:

The artists:

 Gill Bustamante
 Dennis Locorriere
 Alexandra Beale
Charles Willmott

For more on the festival and the artists, please visit:

For the latest festival updates, please visit:

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