Sunday, 31 August 2014

Things I saw in the woods today, part 92

Conkers at the ready:

Little boys used to sling these at each other, many moons ago before the PC brigade arrived. Legend has it that if you soak your conkers in vinegar, they get really, really hard and inflict the most damage- oh, dear, I'm probably going to go to jail for saying that....

A Bacchanalian feast of berries- here are blackberries and hawthorn berries. The former are small and sweet- ideal raw with cream or in jams and tarts. Hawthorns on the other hand are tooth dissolving raw but make a pleasant jelly, jam or liqueur. My morning feast of blackberries during my walk with the hound, gives me an incredible Vitamin C high- great if you feel a cold coming on...
The elderberries are ripe! In our folklore that means it is officially the end of summer.
Photo copyright SvD.

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