Friday, 30 January 2015

The Angels among us

In these distressing and scary times, we forget the angels among us. We also cease to recognise them at all. I have been lucky in my life to have known inherently good, kind people. When we think of the atrocities being committed all over the world it is hard to believe that angels walk amongst us- not just spiritual beings but real people too who have been put on this earth to merely lead by example. To show others what it means to be honest, gentle in word and deed and good. Such a concept is surely at complete odds with the unbalanced view of the world that gives us reality TV or vacuous celebrities. When the mind becomes preoccupied with the wrong things, it is difficult to steer it to more simple yet profound ideas. Imagine the word 'simple' in the same sentence as 'profound'! However very often the unfettered elegance of one thought that we polish in our minds until we have grasped it is actually one of the more profound things we can accomplish in this life- it is not rocket science to understand what we think and express it with honour. The world is full of those whose intentions do not match their words or who scheme and manipulate to their own ends. These Machiavellian types who seek to  control others and not necessarily in order to enhance their lives, are best avoided. Ironically their own existence is anything but uncomplicated as it takes an awful lot of energy to be a bad person.

I was reminded today, the orphan and waif and stray that I am, of the many angels sent to watch over me. And I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

 Photo copyright SvD.

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