Friday, 7 June 2013

Things I saw in the woods today, part 25

This is the first fruit of the year- a damson. Spring has now accomplished what she had planned and has left to continue her journey. Summer is in full swing and until Autumn arrives, takes her place as  the queen who must be obeyed.

There are many pathways throughout the woods and this one is favoured by the horses who gallop along oblivious to the rest of us- or rather their owners are. If a horse comes galloping along, the correct course of action is to fling oneself into the undergrowth usually only with seconds to spare. Horses' legs are particularly deadly and can kill a hound outright. My hound knows the dangers and permits me to scream at him and pull him out of the way of the marauding horsey.  This path is lined with cow parsley- if you recall, identical to the deadly hemlock. Here is the cow parsley flowering in all its glory. Paths always lead somewhere- in this case to a pretty meadow.

Photos copyright SvD.

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