Monday, 25 July 2016

Why Brits are exceptional

If you want a master class in why Brits are exceptional, go to Bletchley Park where I spent the day on Saturday.

The location of Bletchley Park is equidistant to Cambridge and Oxford universities and there's a reason for that: the brightest minds were 'invited to serve their country' during the war. British eccentricity and brilliance have served this country well and the work conducted at Bletchley Park actually shortened the war by two years and saved thousands of lives. So secretive was the work at Bletchley Park that upon arrival new recruits were warned that if they ever spoke of what went on there, they would be killed. In fact a number of people disappeared during their time at Bletchley Park and were never heard of again. Testament to the resolve of the extraordinary Brits who served their country during the war, the Germans never found out about Bletchley Park.

For more on Bletchley Park, see here: Captain Ridley's Shooting Party

The Mansion House, Bletchley Park.

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