Monday, 3 December 2012

This is all that matters in life:

Yesterday I cooked a seven course meal for my loving friends who have been my family for many years; this is their email to me received today 03rd December:

"Dearest Samantha,

Thank you for the wonderful 7-course meal yesterday. In fact it could even be considered 8 courses as there were 2 desserts. Everything was perfect and it was wonderful to sit and talk and walk for so many hours in a truly civilized way.

We had to run for our train a second time in one day because the ticket barrier took it into its head not to allow Sabine through in spite of her oyster card being perfectly in order. We shouldn’t have left the helicopter at home. Next time…

Lots of love


Remember: the purpose of life is to love. I express my love through cooking.

The menu:

Home made chicken liver pate 
Spicy lentil soup
Spinach flan
Stewed rabbit with chestnuts
Eel cakes with shredded beetroot and sauerkraut
Apple and plum pie/Poached pears in champagne

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