Sunday, 15 September 2013

Learn to be still

As I walked home with the hound today, I was deep in contemplation, marvelling at how silent the woods were, how peaceful and perfect everything was.

We take silence for granted and yet it is deafening. Silence forces us deep within ourselves, where in our inner being we hear the roar of past misdemeanors, the howl of regret and the whimper of sorrow. My walks are my meditation, a necessary part of my day and without them, I would be less centered and calm.

What more do we wish for in life besides a tranquil and still willing heart? To be able to see the good in others and ourselves?

To be still is in fact to be whole.

These two deer were watching me in my contemplation. They stood without moving, silent observers and yet how we could learn from them!

Photo copyright SvD.

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