Friday, 13 September 2013

Things I saw in the woods today, part 47

Spiders are quite mysterious things. "Spider embodies the ancient soul of existence reverberating with creativity and predation." Taschen, The Book of Symbols. This is one I saw in the woods today. He resembled a crab dangling in mid air until you look closely and see the legs knitting away, spider-style. I read an article in Le Monde once about how French scientists were researching spiders' webs. Apparently the web is a tremendously powerful thing despite its fragile, silk-like appearance. For example, if left forgotten for too long, my gardening clothes become host to colonies of spiders and their webs. I have washed these clothes many times at 60 degrees in the machine and there remain traces of the original webs to this day.

Spiders are resourceful too- they cover large surface areas with elaborate webs in order to increase their chances of catching more food. Fishermen do the same thing! I once came home from holiday after only 7 days to discover all of the doorways throughout the house thickly webbed from top to bottom. I often wonder what would have happened had I been gone any longer! Perhaps if I forget to wake up one morning....

And finally, a story about an ex-boyfriend and spiders: a very gorgeous French boyfriend- this is many years ago when I was prone to falling in love constantly- and I went off on holiday together to an isolated cottage on a beach in Trinidad. I remember the name of the cottage well: Breakfast River. The cottage was owned by a retired gentleman who wasn't that keen on housekeeping- the cottage was shut up and left to its own devices when no paying guests were in residence. To cut a long story short, the boyfriend and I spent all of our holiday dodging huge black tarantulas of the deadly variety that found it very hard to share their space with us. They also had a nasty habit of crawling into the bed and having a snooze under the sheets. The relationship didn't last but the memory of that holiday will remain forever.

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Two deer confronted the hound and I on our return from the woods. And then they were gone.

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I know what I see when I look at this tree but I'll leave it up to your imagination to associate whatever you want with it. PS Please DO have an imagination.

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