Friday, 29 November 2013

Things I saw in the woods today, part 58

This is a very gory photograph but for those of us who are used to nature and wild animals in their own habitat, it is quite normal. I have converted the photo to black and white because I am sure the more faint-hearted would not enjoy the gore and blood in the original.

Today I was out walking with a friend and her dogs, one of which is a rescue dog from Romania with a taste for dead animals. He walked out of the woods with this in his mouth. I doubt he inflicted the damage we see as he had not been gone that long and from my own experience, the last part of the animal the predator will eat is the head and several days after the torso and legs have been fully consumed. This head had been laying around for three or four days, maybe five. In our cold weather the decomposition is slow. Sorry to sound like Hercule Poirot but I've learned a lot just walking in the woods forever now.

This was a roe deer.

Photo copyright SvD.

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