Friday, 8 November 2013

Help me to help other people

Update 12 November 2013 : I have now closed the GoFundMe page and will be reopening one in the the name of the charity. The registration process with HMRC is in train in order for donors to receive Gift Aid.

One of my books, How to be Happy, The Little Book of Peace (for your soul), was published last year and I received so many emails from people of all ages from 18-80 years old, about how it helped them in their lives, that it got me thinking that I could make use of my speaking skills and deliver motivational talks to kids in school and help them get prepared for the business of living. Teenagers leave school ill-equipped to deal with the real world and we have huge social problems here in the UK. Worst of all these kids don't have a strong sense of self and find it difficult to ignore peer pressure or find their balance.

How to be Happy is based on my 50 years on this planet and the lessons I learned the hard way. I truly believe that if today's teenagers listened to my story they would not make the same mistakes. Better yet, they would discover what truly matters in this life- that life is a gift and they should be grateful for it by grabbing it with both hands, not wasting it.

I truly do believe, from my own experience of hiring young graduates, that they feel let down by the system that did not provide them with sufficient tools in order to cope with the cut and thrust of real life. We know that many youngsters do not have a stable family unit to fall back on and indeed missed the guidance and protection that a strong family unit brings. My own background is in philosophy and like mathematics, it teaches one to think and make sense of the world. I am certain that I can help more teenagers and young adults to have the confidence and willingness to find their way in the world and at the same time, be active and productive participants in society.

I've also survived every "up" and "down" you can think of and I'm still here. My resilience and determination are what keep me going. Those are valuable lessons to impart.

In an ideal world we should help others as much as we can. We are after all, our brother's keeper.

About me: If you google my name you will get a good idea of my background and experience. I began my career at Toyota in marketing then moved to British American Tobacco where I was a Director Designate. Currently I am involved in the relocation industry in London, two of my books have been published and I am a weekly contributor to the Huffington Post
My personal blog (which you are reading now), which I started just over a year ago, is where I showcase my nature photos and musings on life.

If anyone would like to join with me in this endeavour, why not contact me? If you think it is time to help the younger generation on their path, please do get in touch. E: And of course, many thanks in advance if you've read something here that resonates with you.

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