Sunday, 6 July 2014

Art Soufflé The Meridian FM Art Festival - en avant!

I've created a Facebook page for the festival- please can you like it? Art Soufflé The Meridian FM Art Festival Page

And take a look at Gill Bustamante's work which is mesmerising.... beautiful! I'm sure you will agree. What a coup to get this best-selling artist on board and better yet, Gill lives in Forest Row right in Sussex!

Here's a sample of Gill's paintings:

 All photos and paintings above copyright Gill Bustamante.

Artist Statement: I paint large contemporary oil paintings of woodland scenes, trees, landscapes, animals, seascapes, underwater paintings, tropical fish and koi fish. My oil canvases are affordable and expressionist and slightly art-nouveau in style. My favourite artist apart from myself is Gustav Klimt. I use thick (impasto) paint on 3D – deep edge canvas.

Gill Bustamante BA, Artist and Tutor

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