Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Art Soufflé

Very pleased to announce Art Soufflé, my brainchild, and a showcase for professional artists in and around East Grinstead is scheduled to take place this September in East Grinstead.. Even more delighted to mention that Art Soufflé is sponsored by MeridianFM. If you are a painter, ceramicist or sculptor and you'd like to be part of what will become an annual event, please contact me now:

The criteria for exhibiting at Art Soufflé is that you have sold your art in the last 12 months and you are making a living or intent on making a living from your art. There is a registration fee for taking part in Art Soufflé and artists will agree to pay a small commission (far less than the norm) on the sale of their art at the event. Please note that the organisers reserve the right to decline artwork for registration at the event and there is no implied acceptance of guaranteed registration to Art Soufflé of any and all art submitted by interested artists.

About the organiser: I'm a columnist at The Huffington Post, the world's largest media enterprise. You can see my work here: Huff Post articles

I've had a long career in the City and was previously a Marketing Director for British American Tobacco.

I'm currently a presenter at Meridian FM where I host a weekly show every Wednesday: My profile on Meridian FM

I've written books too: Published books

And I do occasionally paint: Oil paintings

I came upon the idea to showcase the work of professional artists because I've met so many through my radio show and I am amazed and seriously impressed by the caliber of talent!

East Grinstead welcomes artists to Art Soufflé and I'm delighted and honoured to make it happen!

Please do get in touch with me now:

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