Monday, 1 December 2014

The worst years

I used to be a vegetarian.... for eight long years. I can honestly say that those years were the worst of my life, like a liaison without passion, a sexless marriage, and a love affair without the va-va voom. Why did I become a vegetarian? I have no idea!!!! Youth, stupidity, wanting to save the world. I cannot honestly remember- I was in my mid twenties and very intense. I was the queen of soya mince transformed into lasagna, burgers, sausages, all manner of foodstuffs that resembled meat. That halfway house of vegetarianism that pretends to be meatless used to be my obsession. Anyway, I loosened up eventually (and became even more confused) and abandoned eating non-sentient beings exclusively. However once in a while I feel this ridiculous urge to revisit my past and here we go: tonight's supper was aubergine fritters and quinoa with parsley. I know, somewhat tragic but quite delicious.

Photo copyright SvD.

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