Tuesday, 2 December 2014

A perfect day

To me this was a perfect day. Please note that I do not use the words "shop" or 'buy" or "purchase". This was a day that made me overwhelmingly happy.

Long morning walk with the hound in the mist and rain.
Meeting with art friend at the Arts Club on Dover Street in London. Chat about the art market and our plans.
Visit a rare books shop in Mayfair. Flip through a first edition of Henri Cartier Bresson's photos entitled Europeans- just exquisite.
Visit a Mayfair gallery where a solo exhibition is on show: I discover the work of Jeffrey Pratt. Colourful and bright work.
Walk from Mayfair to The Mall and visit an exhibition of the New English Art Club.
Head over to The National Gallery where I catch the Rembrandt Later Works Exhibition and see my favourite Bathsheba at Her Bath with her round belly and voluptuous curves.
Wander over to see Titian in another wing of The National Gallery when I suddenly realise that Rembrandt was another van Gogh- he saw the world as it was but wanted to portray it completely differently. Rembrandt's brushstrokes are almost abstract unlike Titian who was a classical painter. I am amazed that I hadn't seen the technique of Rembrandt and understood what a genius he was for developing a new language.
Feet aching- time to go home.
Hound happy to see me and we go for a walk in the pitch dark into the woods.

Photo copyright SvD.

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