Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The death of femininity

I recently moved to a 17th century village in the heart of the British countryside, far from the madding crowd. The downside of this bucolic environment is a longer drive to work, a price well worth paying or so I thought. The reality is that most days however I want to scream. It has dawned on me that the worst drivers are actually women and the worst offenders seem to be around thirty to forty years old, driving a  maximum throttle vehicle which they revel in using to bully anyone sharing the road with them. I take a dual carriageway straight from my home all the way to work. I have lost count of the number of times I have been forced to accelerate because some twit is right up behind me, dangerously close. It is inconceivable that these idiots do not consider what would happen if I were to brake suddenly. Even if I drive in the left lane (we overtake on the right here in the UK, so the left is the slower lane), at say 60mph, I find myself in the same situation. More mind boggling is the blatant disregard for the highway code- no one bothers to indicate and flitting in and out of lanes at high speed is de rigueur. I recall overtaking in France and forgetting to switch my indicator off. That warranted being pulled over by the police and a check was instantly conducted- was my insurance up to date, did I have a driving licence, and I was also fined. How I long for the police to do the same on my daily commute!

Women in particular, showing a complete disregard for both the law and lesser mortals gives rise to a philosophical dilemma- what does it mean to be a woman anymore? We live in an age where we have transgender, aka completely confused, and also in an era where anything goes. Women have breached the divide in terms of work equality (more or less), enjoy the same rights as men and can also appease their insatiable desire to have and do whatever they want. IVF has provided women with the choice to bypass men altogether in the conception of a living soul since sperm is easily available to buy on the internet. No touching, no pent up desire exploding in the sublime act of lovemaking, no feelings in other words.

Acquiescing to the PC brigade of the day who demand that women should be free to do as they please makes a travesty of the concept of freedom. It also highlights the rank stupidity that pervades our society. Let's get this straight: a woman is not a man. Curves and breasts mean that a woman does not have the strength of a man. Nor should she want to. Some women seem to take great pleasure in being as bland and as unwashed as possible almost as if appearing feminine is derisory.   Biologically a woman, yes but also completely unfeminine. To see how grown women dress these days as if they had just rolled out of bed, is frankly disgraceful- note the word which means an absence of grace something which since time immemorial has been synonymous with the 'fairer' sex.

We hear every day of young girls throttling their classmates or worse yet, killing someone for the hell of it. A trip to the supermarket where the great and good congregate is a useful indicator of where society is headed. Usually one can hear the women screaming at their children. A glance into their shopping baskets always reveals that their complete lack of awareness is replicated in their diet. What are the chances of seeing a well groomed woman these days? Oh, I hear the wail of lack of time whilst bringing up children. Our forebears did ten times more every day and still had a hot homemade meal on the table. Perhaps they were just more organised?

To be a woman is not to be man. There is no shame to be had in wearing makeup, dressing like a woman and being the embodiment of femininity. Ironically and this is what those rabid female drivers don't get, is that there is an inherent softness and gentleness in women that men don't possess. In behaving like men, women are pushing men further away and one has to wonder what will happen in the future from an evolutionary perspective. In wanting it all, women  are unconsciously destroying the future for their own daughters. Isn't that worth thinking about?

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