Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

The strange thing about politics is that everybody lies. Presidential Candidates may claim that they don't intentionally mislead the public but there is a difference between lying and being sparse with the truth. Voters also lie. Having worked in Market Research when I was employed by BAT and Toyota, I have seen first hand how statistics can be outright falsehoods and should be taken with a huge pinch of salt. Rule number one: people tell you what you want to hear. Ask yourself this simple question: do you eat a healthy diet? You know the truth but nine times out of ten, if someone were to ask you that question, you would say yes despite having just snaffled a bucket of fried chicken washed down with several cans of sugary cola.

The same applies to the current polls regarding whether Trump or Clinton will win. Trump has been vilified by the press as a buffoon prone to putting his foot in his mouth. Clinton supposedly has thirty plus years of public service under her belt and is 'committed' to a number of causes that will improve the lives of hard-working Americans. Blah, blah, blah. I recall the anticipation and excitement that accompanied both Tony Blair and Barack Obama into office. One deliberately deceived for his own gain, the other points out that his performance should not necessarily be judged on his actual performance because his hands were tied by his political opponents. In other words believing anything a politician has to say can be likened to one's own belief in God. One's interpretation of the existence of God is a deeply personal thing. The same applies to what we really think about politicians and their promises and the truth of our feelings is only really revealed in the isolation of the ballot booth. Away from prying eyes, the pencil does not lie. A bit like the confession box in church where our conscience assails us before The Almighty. I predict therefore that Trump will win. Why? Because he appeals to the maverick inside jaded voters who are expected to vote for Clinton but will otherwise reveal their true feelings on election day. Just don't ask them who they voted for.

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