Thursday, 8 November 2012

Squirrel no more....

This squirrel is having a permanently bad hair day. Sadly I see so much road kill here in the UK that it is a wonder that we have any wildlife left. If I cover 30 miles in the countryside, or in the space of half an hour, I would normally see one dead badger, one fox, one squirrel and a couple of magpies who perish as they attempt to eat the roadkill! Multiply that by the number of roads and the roadkill must exceed hundreds of thousands per annum. On one forest road I saw a police sign that read: "237 deer collisions in 2010. PLEASE SLOW DOWN".

Please do spare a thought for our furry, two legged, four legged and other friends of the animal and bird kingdoms when next you set off in your car.

Photo copyright SvD.

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