Friday, 11 January 2013

Les Miserables

I went to see Les Mis tonight as it opened in the UK and with my friend, Barbara. I call Barbara 'my valium' as she is a very good influence on my rather feisty nature. She calms me down for which I am very grateful. Barbara and I frequently go shopping in France together with me driving. We always find a nice restaurant for lunch and then go off wandering around antique markets before heading to Carrefour and stocking up on wine, obviously. I have learnt a great deal from Barbara over the years- she is just so gentle and sweet. These are wonderful virtues.

Les Mis is just spectacular. I wept like a baby and this is the best therapy you could hope for if you are feeling blue and down and out. This is a timeless story of forgiveness, love and redemption. These themes are the story of humanity and the story of us. Go and see Les Mis- leave your worries behind, take a large box of tissues and just feel.

Hugh Jackman gives the performance of a lifetime- he gives it his all. So rare and so perfect a performance. Hugh must win an Oscar- he simply must.

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