Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Poor little mite part ll

On Tuesday 27th November 2012, a baby badger was knocked down by a car and died. On my morning walk that day I found the badger and moved her (as I later verified it was a 'she') away from the road and into the woods where she could rest in peace.

Over the last two months, my hound and I have frequently looked at the badger as she lay intact and undisturbed. The foxes later killed a stag and I recorded in this blog how they disposed of him.

The badger seemed of no interest to the foxes and she lay where I placed her- as the temperture dropped and it snowed, she froze and in the last couple of days, warmish at 8 degrees C, she thawed out.

This morning my hound averted me to the latest. I followed him to the undergrowth, the same thicket where the stag had laid down to die. In it I caught sight of the badger and I recognised her instantly by the placement of her front left paw which I had held as she lay dying.

This is what is left of her.

Photo copyright SvD.

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