Saturday, 8 June 2013

Birds don't worry

There is something in the Bible about God providing for the birds despite their doing nothing to sow or reap their food, yet it is always provided for them. The story comes to mind as a good friend is always mentioning it when she peeks into her bank account (and then shrieks). I was at a luncheon the other day with some very well-off folk (or seemingly) and one gentleman said he never looks at his bank balance because he would get too depressed.  And this despite a sumptuous lifestyle.

I actually require very little and hanker for a pared-down and really simple existence. There was a time I had thousands of pounds worth of diamond jewellery and never looked at my bank account because I didn't need to. Money is an insidious thing- it ruins lives, it damages relationships and it brings out the worst in people. And it really doesn't make you happy - that remains the one thing that money simply cannot buy. Some of the most contented moments in my life involve wandering in nature and communing with the gods/spirits/myself.

In the woods today, the birds were spoiled for choice. The season of flowers is over and the seeds have been scattered to fall where they may. The ground in the woods is literally carpeted with seeds. Not all of these will become strong, strapping trees- many will end up as food for the birds.

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