Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Would smell as sweet.

I am a great lover of roses. The rose to me embodies beauty, desire, the soul of the 'esthete', perfume and seduction. I possess a trivial nature where beauty is concerned and I cannot change who I am (at my long tooth age that would be impossible). One of my greatest joys is growing perfumed roses- for that one moment where I place my nose as close as I can to the mature rose and inhale. In my garden are roses that smell of Pernod ("Cymbeline") to roses that smell of Heaven ("Cardinal de Richelieu"). If a rose has no perfume it will seldom find a home in my garden - that is the only criterion that matters to me.

This particular rose is the most fragrant and the sight of it is pure yearning. I see today that one of its flowers has two hearts- two swirls inside a single bud. How unusual! And something I have never seen before.

Lose yourselves, dear reader, inside the image that has no beginning and no end.

Below is a photo I took of the same rosebush some years ago and which remains not only a favourite photo but one that is so evocative I seldom can look at it without losing myself completely.

Photo copyright SvD.

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