Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Things I saw in the woods today, part 29

I often refer to the magpie as the Darth Vader of the wild birds- he is aggressive, heartless, ruthless and has been known to chase hares and kill lambs (for food). Imagine my surprise to learn that the magpie is also highly intelligent and can be taught to speak: '...if taken young, they learn to perform many words and perform various tricks.' (The Rev. F.O Morris, British Birds, 1850). This feather is definitely his. I won't wax lyrical of the symmetry of the markings of a bird's feathers but you know what I mean...I see God everywhere.
The hungry bee looks to be hoovering up the nectar from this cowslip as fast as he can. I have noticed a definite correlation between the sun appearing and the bees feeding.

This last photo is of the Early Purple Orchis (sic), the commonest of our native orchids in the British Isles.

'There is a legend which has it that this plant grew at the foot of the Cross and received drops of blood on its leaves: hence the purple spots on the leaves! Another superstition declares that the plant grows in greatest luxuriance where there are rich deposits of metal deep in the earth.' (A Pocket Book of British Wild Flowers , Charles A. Hall, 1937)

Photos copyright SvD.

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