Monday, 10 June 2013

Stairway to heaven

These steps in the woods are notorious. Known as the Hundred Steps (98, to be exact) they are extremely steep and the handrail is so wobbly, well, I wouldn't bother to even hold on to it. The dog walkers know to avoid these steps when it rains as a tumble down will surely result in something broken. There is a gentleman who walks his very small hound and who I see occasionally. He has Parkinsons Disease and his doctor encouraged him to walk as much as possible as it lessens the effects of that terrible illness (of which my own papa died). I've often remonstrated with the gentleman for going down those steps- it's a lonely spot and if he falls he could be lost for quite a while. I think he has some sort of 'que sera' attitude where when one gets to his stage in nearing the pearly gates, it doesn't matter all that much what happens anymore. I saw him again a few days ago- the disease has taken a strong hold and he's lost the ability to swallow, his clothes were unkempt, he hadn't shaved. But he's still walking with his little dog. And still taking his chances with that stairway to the next phase.

Photo copyright SvD.

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