Thursday, 25 July 2013

Things I saw in the woods today, part 39 - Update

These two baby acorns are a rare sight. I normally miss this developing stage in the life of an acorn and collect the mature specimens in late autumn to fill my dog-walking coat pockets. I saw these by chance today- they look nothing like the fully grown ones but their dimpled carapace is quite cute. Note the unopened leaf buds at the end of the stem alongside the juvenile acorns. The cycle is without end.

Here's a photo I took today of the emerging acorn. Just thought you would enjoy seeing the growing acorn- a marvel of nature.

15 August 2013

Another birdie has lost a feather in the woods - a pigeon, methinks. Notice that the leaves on the ground are going brown.

The summer will soon be coming to an end. This horse chestnut leaf is beginning to dry out and turn brown; autumn, with its strong winds and storms, is not far away.

Autumn winds will drive the seeds, like these of the ash tree,  into the earth in the hope of germinating next spring. The rains, in turn,  will soften the earth allowing the seeds to burrow their way to a safe place, away from the frost and snow that winter will bring.

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