Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Eat me at your peril

The 6 spot Burnet moth tastes pretty terrible plus it is poisonous - hence the reason birds bypass this pretty species which appears, unusually for a moth, during the day. I came upon this 6 spot Burnet moth today when I discovered a secret meadow full of Scabious flowers. Apart from the moths, I had also never seen so many butterflies in my life and for a moment as I stood in this Alice in Wonderland meadow, I really thought I had ascended into paradise. Nature surprises us, almost as if to say, 'never give up and see how much wonder is left in the world'!

The meadow was also filled with the pink rose elder. Against a rare blue sky we could easily mistake this secluded haven for St Tropez.

Photos copyright SvD.

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