Sunday, 28 July 2013

Things I saw in the woods today, part 40

In our supermarket culture we forget entirely about where things come from, how long they take to grow and even the simple fact that berries, for example, do not appear in this world fully formed and ripe enough to eat! In the woods today, the brambles are growing lustily in this warm weather and their fruit is forming. In October, the blackberries will be ready to pick and crumbles galore with thick whipped cream will be consumed up and down the British Isles. So here is a shot of the blackberries forming, growing, but not ready to eat as they are still too immature.

The Romans did many things for us but they are also remembered for their love of food, wine and of course, females. British women were not to their taste at all and there are many woeful tales of the virile Romans feeling rather deflated at the sight of the less than nubile female Angles slathered in goose fat to keep warm. Our intemperate climate has not changed but we use the goose fat for cooking these days. The Romans brought these white snails to the British Isles and their descendants can still be found in the woods to this day. The Romans purged the snails for three days in milk - changed many times- before frying the hapless molluscs in olive oil with lots of garlic. I imagine much debauchery followed. Sigh. I am constantly reminded that I live half a life only.

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