Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The mystery of faith.

A young man attends church last Sunday at 10.30am as he always does. He takes communion that morning as he always does. He leaves church and heads off on the motorway in his car, the sun shining, the sky blue. By the end of the afternoon mass at 6.00pm, the priest finds a bunch of keys in one of the offertory baskets. Messages are sent out in earnest to discover the owner of the misplaced keys. At precisely the same time, the police knock on the door of a woman to tell her her son has died in a car crash.

A few days later, the woman is in church discussing arrangements for her son's funeral. The priest asks her if she has lost a set of keys. He shows her the keys. She weeps. They belonged to her son.

This is a true story and occurred in my church last Sunday.

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