Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Things I saw in the woods today, part 36

The crow is a noisy, intimidating bird. Here he sits on a dying tree surveying the world around him. A bit Hitchcock-like with the brooding sky behind him.

"Cogito ergo sum"
The cow parsley flower is an abundance of white. Remember, the cow parsley is often mistaken for the deadly hemlock. The flower is pretty though- as if often the case, beauty can be deceptive in every sense.
Cow parsley flowers

The elderflower is used to make a refreshing drink here in the UK or deep fried as fritters. The flowers smell terrible- like pure sulphur in a room with no windows. When the flowers appear, it signals the start of summer and by the time the deep crimson berries appear, it is effectively the end of summer. From experience, one can set one's clock by that occurrence.

And meanwhile back at the ranch (and not in the woods) "Ratty" (a field mouse) was scoffing the birds' food early this morning. This is not a good photo as the sun was behind the mouse so a dull shadow was cast but nonetheless, here is 'ratty' devouring the wrong food. I had to chase him away as I don't mind sharing but I do object to sheer greed.

Ratty strikes again
Photos copyright SvD.

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