Monday, 13 May 2013

A generation is less than a lifetime

This tree is older than a generation and yet, some half-wit will come along and cut it down because he's/she's having a bad hair day. I was listening to a programme on France Inter last week and a gentleman was berating 'vandals' as he called them for cutting down trees. He explained it this way: if you say that you will replace one tree with ten new trees, you're talking nonsense. A tree is much older than the 25 years it will take for the new trees to become mature and for the fauna and lifeforms to take up habitat and for an ecosystem to be fully 'in flow'. And yet we destroy without thought. Because we can.

People like me who believe in God manifesting in all life and everywhere in nature (this pantheistic belief coexists with my Catholic faith), find it very hard to see beautiful specimens such as this without my heart swelling with joy.

Photo copyright SvD.

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