Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Life is moving very quickly now

Spring is moving fast and sprinting into summer. Already today the common maple shed its flowers and in a few short weeks seed pods will have replaced them. The once sparse woodland is a glorious canvas dappled in bright sunlight and dotted with pale, linden and lime greens. The bottle greens will arrive later in the summer. The so called repulsive toothwort and fresh faced daisies are out in force. Birds are mating and making babies at a frenetic pace; they are ravenous and thirsty. Everywhere there is life in motion- a reminder that one should make the most of the moment as it will soon be gone forever.

Spent maple flowers

Daisies or 'two fried eggs'

Woods today after the rain

Not buttercups but the name?

The 'repulsive' toothwort

Different greens of spring
Photos copyright SvD

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