Saturday, 25 May 2013

Rock on!

I've just spent a few hours at a rock festival helping out my colleagues at Ridge Radio. I must be getting ancient as I am convinced that my eardrums are now perforated. Only at a British rock festival do groupies drink mugs of tea!

I met some delightful teenagers today who were polite, well mannered and quite charming. In fact everyone was just plain gracious. Despite what we read in the media, not everyone is a hopeless layabout and a potential criminal, if not one already. The majority of people are good and kind.

After I present Your Happy Memories tomorrow at noon, I shall be back at the festival for the second day of ear-shattering thrills.

The topic for tomorrow's show: The evil that men do (in light of the terrible events in London this week). Email me your thoughts:

This is what a hopeless layabout and criminal looks like
 Photo copyright SvD.

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