Friday, 17 May 2013

Things I saw in the woods today, part 15

The pollinated dandelion flower metamorphoses into a puffball of seeds that the wind will literally blow away. I'd take a photo of me blowing the seeds but you've probably seen that type of photo before. Instead I offer one as an example of the perfect symmetry in nature. Look intently at the photo and marvel at it. I doubt atheists or scientists would get this.
The meadow flowers are in full swing now and soon they will go to seed. I used to hate cut flowers stuck in a vase and always preferred to see them growing wild in their natural habitat. I've become more mellow with age and don't rail anymore against things that ultimately are not that earth shattering. In this photo can you spot which is the dandelion, the plantain and the buttercup?
The following photo is cow parsley which is very similar to hemlock of Socrates fame. The stems of hemlock are smooth and green but dotted with purple- that is the best way to differentiate this deadly plant from cow parsley. It goes without saying that one should not risk eating wild plants unless one is entirely sure of what one is doing. Cow parsley is also known as wild chervil and is edible although I cannot vouch for the taste.

Photos copyright SvD.

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